d.velop cloud storage
Free yourself from the fetters of onprem storage hardware.

Store your critical business documents starting at 16 cents per gigabyte per month.

What if you could archive important business information without needing your own local storage systems and all while maintaining compliance with audit and legal requirements?

Everything would be easier
√ And more fleixbel
√ And more affordable
√ And more secure

  So why wait?

d.velop cloud storage fulfills these promises. With the d.velop cloud, you can immediately forgo your own physical storage systems and archive your business-critical data securely, effectively and in compliance with audit requirements. This lets you completely avoid costly secondary storage systems used in procurement, maintenance and operations.

d.velop cloud storage offers you this possibility with legally compliant cloud storage based in Germany for your valuable data from the d.velop d.3ecm or ecspand systems. Various usage scenarios help you decide which steps to take to start using the cloud:

Simply book and start using right away.

Either use d.velop cloud storage as an additional backup for your local storage (hybrid variant), which you continue to use, or outsource your storage completely (cloud-only variant):


Image: Your company receives documents. They are subsequently processed and saved in compliance with audit requirements. Either as a hybrid backup (light gray and dark gray) or “cloud only” (dark gray).


Quickly accomplished:

√  Create a physically separate, safe storage location
√ Compliment your backup strategy 
√ Reduce operational expenses
√ Get rid of expensive storage systems
√ Save Money

And all that in perfect sync with your reliable d.velop d.3ecm or ecspand system.


d.velop cloud storage at a glance.

  • Flexible volume - unlike secondary storage systems, you have unlimited storage capacity at your disposal that can be booked flexibly. You only pay for what you need.
  • Stable system  - d.velop cloud storage is operated by d.velop and updated continuously. You no longer have to worry about the procurement or maintenance of storage systems.
  • Affordable - you only pay for storage that you have booked and currently use. Large and recurring hardware investments are no longer necessary.
  • Easy administration - d.velop is completely responsible for the administration of d.velop cloud storage. Your IT team merely has to configure the d.velop storage manager – the same as they did with onprem storage.
  • Secure and continuously available - because the solution is “software as a service,” d.velop is responsible for its operation.
  • Based in Germany - d.velop cloud runs on certified systems in Germany. Your data is stored there and that is where it stays – of that we are certain.
  • Encrypted - your documents are encrypted and decrypted in a manner that corresponds to their import. The corresponding key is generated on your system and known only by you.
  • Migration support  - d.velop supports you in setting up your cloud storage.


The promise: Your data is secure.

That you can trust. Multiple copies of your data are saved in multiple data centers in the metropolitan city of Frankfurt. For more than 25 years, data protection and data security have remained of utmost importance to d.velop. Thats is especially true in the cloud. d.velop’s encryption services encrypt your data as it is uploaded and it remains encrypted until you decide to decrypt it. That makes audit compliant storage a reality. d.velop supports your auditors with the necessary documentation.


The cost: You only pay for what you use.

You are billed monthly in increments of 100 GB. And, depending on the configuration,the price starts at 16 cents per gigabyte. The storage space and costs accrued are adjusted according to your needs. There is no unused memory with the d.velop cloud.


The company: Save yourself the cost of administration.

Concentrate on your core business. Do not spend unnecessary time on the administration of your storage system. Use the cloud service quickly and easily. We’ll administer it for you.





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